Thanks for stopping by! I'm Don, a freelance Web Developer based on the Gold Coast of Australia. I'm currently seeking opportunities and available for either freelance or agency work.

While you're here, check out some of my awesome work.


My background is in finance where I worked for JP Morgan for a number of years in the Profit and Loss and Risk Reporting division for Bullion and Commodities.

Part of my role while there was to develop in-house systems to streamline the processing of large volumes of information. This was done primarily through the use of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases in conjunction with Visual Basic coding.

I then took a career detour to follow my love of music and studied guitar full time at the London Guitar Institute before returning to Australia to teach guitar and perform.

I did this for 10 years or so, while also working in hospitality.

I began looking to get back into exploring my passion for technology and around the time was approached by a friend who felt with my background I could help them rebuild their company website.

So I dove right in, learned how to customise a WordPress Theme and then embarked on a new path to learn Full Stack Web Development.

Which brings me to where I am today: building websites aaaaaand loving it! :-)